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Purchased by Brian Pichette and Tim Bryant in April of 2021, the Trolley Pub has a long and rich history.   The trolley was established at 1245 Main Street in the 1930s as a diner for 4 years before it was purchased in 1940 and renamed "John's Tavern".  It became the "Iron Horse" under new management in the 1970s and operated under the same name until it was renamed the "Trolley Pub on Main" in the 1980s.  In 1991, Charles "Chuck" Lester purchased the "Trolley Pub on Main", and it was then that the existing Trolley family was born.

Some of the current Trolley family can remember being at the Trolley Pub since its' roots were planted.  Others join as they walk through the Trolley doors for the very first time.   Our friendly staff will assure that you will be treated as a "regular" regardless of how many times you have visited the Trolley

You will most likely run into Brian or Tim when you visit the Trolley.  Their devotion to customer service, a comfortable environment, and quality products is evident when you visit the Trolley.  Both having grown up in the area, they are committed to contributing to the growth and development of their local community.    

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